Aircraft Pre-Purchase Inspection


The decision to purchase a pre-owned aircraft is an expensive one best supported by aviation professionals.

An in-depth Pre-Purchase Inspection (PPI) by professionals is the only way to minimize risks involved.  REACH Aerospace can provide the necessary information on the technical condition and history of your chosen aircraft so that you can make a decision regarding its true value and technical status.

The PPI process:

  • REACH will guide you through the purchase and complete most, if not all, of the PPI.  In those instances where REACH advises specialist aircraft type maintenance expertise, REACH will recommend a maintenance facility – one that knows the aircraft and typical issues to be wary of.
  • Depending on the size and age of the aircraft, we would typically need up to 14 days to complete the inspection and present a list of findings.  The list will include airworthiness, non-airworthiness and cosmetic findings, presented to both the prospective buyer and the aircraft owner (seller).
  • Seller and buyer need to agree who will take responsibility for rectifying the findings. All items relating to the aircraft’s airworthiness will normally be paid for by the seller.  All other findings can be negotiated.
  • Normally, after a thorough PPI, all findings are rectified prior to completion of the sale and the buyer enjoys peace of mind knowing that the aircraft is airworthy.  A good PPI will also inform the new owner of forecast future expenditure.
  • Occasionally the results of a PPI are not satisfactory, and based on the findings, the buyer will decide to withdraw.

The following items should form part of a PPI:

  • Full examination of all maintenance documentation;
  • Search of the aircraft history for evidence of damage;
  • Physical Maintenance check – for instance:
    • King Air – Phase 1-4
    • Hawker – B inspection
    • Premier I -200 hour inspection
  • Engine/APU check – either a boroscope or Hot Section Inspection;
  • Avionics functional check;
  • Flight Systems functional check; and
  • Interior, Exterior and cosmetic inspection.